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Another sketch of Cecil, who is my muse right now. Originally his outfit was far more elaborate and fitting for someone completely fashion-blind, but it made it difficult to make out what was going on xD. So maybe he’s borrowing something of Carlos’.

Slowly catching up with Welcome to Night Vale but I am so not there yet. Got, like, another twenty podcasts to go.

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Sketchaday-something (I forget the number, I’ll just keep going until the end of October), which is a WIP of a new painting that, surprise surprise, is heavily based off of a Dramatical Murder CG. Maybe I’ll just keep going with that and then make a retroactive story out of it. I really love it when characters go temporarily evil due to magic, brainwashing, mind control or whatever, and this might be illustrating an rp where a defecting Dark Ace gets hunted down by a Cyclonis-controlled Aerrow.

In the final painting he’ll have glowing eyes because it’s just not brainwashing or crystal magic if you don’t have glowing red eyes. I’m going to change a ton of aspects of this sketch by the time it comes to ink, I’m actually not super pleased with it, but I do love the crazy expression.

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I haven’t caught up with Welcome to Nightvale recently and have been avoiding spoilers so I have no idea of any new developments, but I started listening from the start again and really had to draw the Cecil I see in my head. Yeah, I know he’s another blond one but I see him as a super-squeaky-clean 1950s advertisement with a perfect sideparting. With extras, because Nightvale.

I mean, Cecil’s gone through so many re-educations that I like the thought of him having a torso covered in the rules of Nightvale, which the council just exhasperatedly carved into him over the course of many years. And a partial lobotomy.

I love all the different Cecils people draw. I want to just, I dunno, make a big collage of them. Yay headcanons!

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Super sappy sketchaday…8? I count yesterday’s Aerrow as a sketchaday. I’m rping a Motorcity thing right now that is just destroying Mike in all kinds of fun ways, and it’s hella Muckles. He’s a big cuddly guard dog, and you know he just took out like 200 kanebots to protect Chuck and Chuck never got a scratch on him.

Poor Mike looks so tired and traumatised all the time. And I do apologise for this blog being just the ‘heroes feeling sad and wounded’ blog. I feel really creepy about it, I promise, BUT THAT’S JUST HOW LIFE GOES.

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Well this took an unreasonable length of time. But woo! Done! My favourite CG from Dramatical Murder is the scene where the protagonist wards off a headache with his headphones, and I had to redraw it with a Storm Hawks twist, because I love Storm Hawks. I’m just all over the place right now, huh?

But I love Aerrow. He’s such a trooper, tries so hard and I have innumerable headcanons for the little guy. So because I like him I had to draw him sad/in pain naturally.

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Welp! Looks like Sassy/BedroomEyes Raimundo is my muse right now. The big thing around him is an it’s-midnight-and-I-have-work-tomorrow Dojo, and I’m not even going to defend it.

Funnily enough I’m way more into Motorcity than Xiaolin Showdown right now (I’m a joy to rp with) but the mind is a mystery. Sketchaday 7!

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Ever draw something that comes out way better than you’re normally able to muster, then find it impossible to replicate? I have spent four hours sketching today and nothing turned out as pretty as this little doodle of Raimundo.that appeared in hour 1. I’m so mad that the next three hours of my life yielded nothing but crap, but maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to refind the magic. Sketchaday six!

Rai rocked and I will always love him. He was a sassy team mother who could summon hurricanes.

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Sketchaday 5 is a remake of one of my favourite comic panels ever redone with the Duke of Detroit and his #2, because they are just the best. I really ship them hard, especially if she’s just there running shit from behind the scenes and letting her husband/boyfriend/whatever go nuts on ego. And he just totally thinks she can do no wrong.

So I may have failed to post the past two days but I was embarrassingly drunk during them so no fun art happened :( just a couple hours of long-term painting progress. But enjoy!

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Sketchaday 4 is really quick and crappy because YESTERDAY’S sketch kept my up late. These are the two protagonists of my comic :P that is in the making and has been for a while now, but I foolishly decided to make it fully coloured so it is a very long job.

I’m so used to drawing his stupid face now, but I’ve Stockholmed to them both enough to love them dearly.

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Sketchaday 3~ Storm Hawks this time. My fandom is all over the place at the moment and it never goes away. I live a life of short attention spans and that state where looking at something cute makes you aggressive.

I have a pet headcanon that Aerrow is a total neat freak, and that all the Hawks know that, if they wait long enough, he’ll do the dishes even if it’s their turn. Especially if he’s stressed or nervous about something.

I feel good about this sketch :)

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