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It’s been a while! Thought I’d update with a couple of sketches done in between work and stuff, to prove that I’m a person who still does things. All OCs, and I really need to learn not to same-face so much. Also two blonde men with glasses in one post? Probably need to learn how to diversify too, or people might start thinking I have a fetish.

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In other news, I played dress-up! I’m bad at designing clothing (and dressing myself) so I had a go at designing some outfits. I think it helped :D I love seams.

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Great Barrier Reef authorities have just said YES to coal port companies dumping dredge waste inside this World Heritage Area — all to make way a coal ship superhighway through our Reef. Reblog if this outrageous decision does not represent you. This is a massive disappointment, but we cannot give up hope. Sign up here to make our movement bigger than ever and keep up the fight to ‪#‎SaveTheReef‬

Please Sign the petition guys. So many creatures will be decreased dramatically or even become endangered if we don’t stop it. Also watch the video. It really gave an insight into what would happen if this went ahead. 

like dugongs. they’re mad important and live on the reef

Hey, so GetUp! is deciding to take legal action against this travesty, and you can donate to their kick starter here

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has caved to the pressure of the mining industry and the Federal Government. The agency charged with "the protection, wise use, understanding and enjoyment of the Great Barrier Reef in perpetuity" has allowed it to be sold out for short-term profits. 

Late yesterday, they granted a permit to dump five million tonnes of dredge spoil inside the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. 

This destructive project is now allowed to go-ahead - unless we make a last ditch effort to challenge it in court. Click here to learn more, and help fund the legal challenge to save our Reef:

another legal action kick starter can be found here: 



This is totally inappropriate for an art blog and I _never_ do this normally, but this freaks me out and it’s late at night so if any followers want to lend a hand to any of these links please do. Sorry for the intrusion otherwise :( I’ll now return to what you followed me for.

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Another speedpaint! He had glasses originally but screw that noise, I got shit to do. Definitely prefer this one’s to yesterday’s (yay for learning!) but I feel like I’ve not really done his personality justice. He’s supposed to be an incredibly lovely and friendly person but he looks kind of like a member of the evil team in every sports movie ever.

Oh well! That’s something to solve another day :D.

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Late-night painting practice of a roleplay character who is a delightful smorgasbord of medical problems and just delightful in general. My hand really hurts and I need to remember to calibrate my laptop’s colour display because it is seriously different from every other computer on the planet.

Especially with bright reds. Fantastic, right? Anyway, I’m gonna Irish up some coffee and toast in the New Year for the third night in a row~

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I haven’t posted anything with Foster in a while, so I thought why not now? He’s talking about his childhood doing pageants… in that nebulous 1901-1920 time when he’s supposed to have been a kid. A real writer would have actually researched these things, but all I know is that the first child beauty pageant was in 1927 so I’VE ALREADY FUCKED UP.

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After doing the last Monster Challenge picture I had time to do one of those awesome screenshot redraws… but then it took ages to finish and I have now fallen behind on the challenge. I’ll catch up though!

Digimon Adventures is still my all-time favourite cartoon and Tai is my favourite fictional character for reasons I cannot possibly figure out. He’s just adorable. So when I was twelve this scene just killed me and I figured it was time to pay it proper attention now that I’m all grown up and can do things. I could write an entire essay on how much I love this show and why, and maybe some day I will do just that, but for now I’ll just say that every character had some major screw-up in their background that just made them really lovable.

It’s probably better to see this full-viewed. Also fuck backgrounds.

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30 Day Monster Boy Challenge number 4 was any sort of human-taur thing :D so I made a Cameltaur. Super clumsy name, but there’s not really another way of naming him unless I name him after a camel-herding tribe which seems a little non-PC. But I did learn the etymology of centaurs, which is a neat thing to know, and how to park a camel (you tie one leg so its bent in midair, so the camel can’t move).

Now I really want to design a world where all the beasts of burden are taurs but no time! Tomorrow is vampires.

Promise I’ll try to do a more manly monster boy tomorrow, I’ve just been on an unlucky femme kick ever since I started this challenge.

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30 Day Monster Boy Challenge number 3 is a satyr- any satyr. Normally satyr aren’t really my thing so I did what I always do when I have art block; draw my old trappy OC, Jaeni, instead. Now he’s a satyr thing with fluffy feet and a great excuse to be drunk all the time. He’s less Priapus and more Aphrodite, but he’s probably about as interested in discussing his academic future and thinking long-term as the former.

Might colour this to make it fit with the other two, composition-wise, but you know when people say that they don’t mean it.

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Noise filter looks pretty bad on this one. OH WELL, WE LIVE AND LEARN. I recommend seeing this at the full resolution rather than tumblr’s squishing thing.

30 Day Monster Boy Challenge number 2 is ‘Fear in Fantasy’, which I took to interpret as turning a personal fear into a mythical figure. I have such a thing about bugs getting into my sleeves and collar (gross!), so I thought I’d immortalise that neurotic trait in a weird beetle-bug man-thing I have named Scuttlesleeves. There are insects crawling all up in that robe, and they are all awful. DON’T HUG HIM.

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